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At Carolina Country Snacks we cook our pork rinds and pork skins daily. We use only the best pork skins cut according to our product specifications. Traditional pork rinds are light and puffy but our pork rind strips and popcorn cracklins are processed to make the texture very crunchy. It is difficult to find a low carb or no carb snack food that satisfies your hunger. Just how many carbs are in our low carbohydrate products... the answer is less than 1%. Many of our customers are on the Atkins diet and have indicated how helpful our pork skin snacks have been in working toward their goals. Pork rinds are an excellent between meal or party snack. Many of our customers are including pork rinds in their favorite recipes. Please view our low carb recipes page and we invite you to share your recipes with us. Regardless of how you use pork rinds the key is to just enjoy them!



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